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Pacific Northwest Tour Part Five: Crater Lake, OR (2007)

Our final two days we spent driving back to Californy. We stopped in Crater Lake along the way and were lucky enough to get a last-minute dispersed camping site. It is an absolutely beautiful place and I recommend you go go go, because pictures won’t do the vastness of it justice. The lake itself is so cold and serene, it’s easy to believe something from space crashed there. However, the crater was formed by a volcanic explosion.

Most of the pictures I’ve already put up on my portfolio site, But there are a few new ones.

Skirting the crater in the car, listening to Beck’s Odelay, taking pictures out the window. These are the things a vacation is made of.

Campfire songs don’t hurt either. Especially when it’s so completely dark. All my reptile brain fears were coming out.

There’s something about mornings, packing up and moving on, that I just hate. The finality of it, maybe.

We left a note for the nice rangers who got us this awesome camping site. It was quiet, peaceful, and even had a crude pit toilet!

It’s our friends, the ground squirrels!

We decided to go swimming in the Lake because we are crazy. The water was ice cold and afterwards I had this ridiculous towel thing going on.

Absolutely gorgeous clear water though.

Thank goodness for switchbacks.

That island out there is supposed to look like a pirate ship. There’s another that looks like a wizard’s hat or something.


Pacific Northwest Tour Part Four: Mt. St. Helens National Park (2007)

Our fourth and fifth days we spent exploring Mt. St. Helens. The first night we tried dispersed camping– it was the first time I’d done it in a while but, aside from getting lost AND finding bear hair and scat a few yards from our tent the next morning, it was a surprisingly fun experience. And now I am much less afraid of fire.

Right. First order of business: get stuck in a cave.

The Meatball, Ape Cave.

Exploring lava tunnels.

Oh god, these little squirrels were everywhere. Golden-mantled ground squirrels, I believe. Look like chipmunks, really squirrels.

They were friendly.

They got a bit overly friendly at times.


I think I took this exact picture before, about 9 years prior. I’ll have to dig it up and see.

Ken patiently waiting for me while I stalk a deer.

Dinner was mostly successful. Cooking over a real fire kind of takes forever without proper equipment.

Maybe he IS on a research grant, but I doubt it.

Just me and my favorite volcanic mountain.

Portrait of Ken and Dave, with Toasted Oats.

I can’t take a normal picture.

The Master… Restrained (part Deux)

Got a new scanner and thought I’d see what the difference was on my sketches. Here’s the Master-in-a-straitjacket one again. Definitely looks more like what went into the scanner this time.


Pacific Northwest Tour Part 3: Portland (2007)

Our third day of the trip we spent exploring Portland, Oregon with Dave and Maz as our guides.

On the train into the city proper!

This picture cracks me up. I am demonstrating the ‘no hands’ approach and looking quite smug… BUT CHECK OUT THE TEENY TINY MOFO BEHIND ME. He is clearly the king of unconventional rail riding and I bow to this prepubescent wonder.

Yard work is done a bit differently in Portland, you see.

We went to this great bubble tea place with just… tons and tons of teas and add-ins. And a really nice sitting room with couches and books. I was most amused, though, by the positioning of the straw hole in the plastic covers for the cups. Yes, every single one invited you to stab a young girl in the face. ?!?!

Ken very quickly found the book for him…

Surprise balls!

The rest of us contented ourselves with defacing the magazines.

The Stephen King section of Powell’s. Ken practically had to pry me away.

I see modern art, I have to make it worse. I won’t apologize.

An example of the disturbing decor at Chez Dave.

Squirrel in the morning!


This sketch took me WAY longer than I wanted it to. But them’s the breaks when you are drawing the Master. He likes making everything difficult.

Vincent and the Doctor and Gauguin and Depression and the Master

I just saw tonight one of the most beautiful episodes of Doctor Who. Since it just aired Saturday in the UK I suppose there are some spoilers, but I wouldn’t be too worried since it is mainly a historical type episode and, like, everybody knows what happened to van Gogh. But still.

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