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Halloween 2010- The Master, Boba Fett, Ricky Berger, and rats!

First of all, we were actually somewhat productive on Halloween and released a single called Spooky Rave, which you should check out/download immediately from and which I will link the Official Video to below:

Now that you’ve watched that, on to Halloween photos. After some agonizing Ken and I decided to dress as Delgado!Master and Wasteland!Master, respectively.

Wastey needs to clean his TARDIS, honestly.

Reunion photoshoot gone horribly, horribly wrong…

We had nothing better to do so we went to the Dead Rockstars event at Old Ironsides. Some evil space man tagged along…

Shut up, Master. I like cider, okay? Calories are calories.

There was a Raccoon Mario there! This is the best picture I could get. As Ken said to our Mario, “You’ve been out-geeked!”

At some point during the show, some girls cut in front of me and I was half-wanting to cut back in front of them spitefully. Then it turned out one of them was Ricky Berger, an up-and-coming folkie here in Sac, and I was glad I refrained ;)

She took the stage later for a set with Adrian Bourgeois– easily the best set of the night.

Ricky and her trusty glockenspiel did two solo covers. Mr. Rogers and Bach. I love when people stretch the definition of ‘rockstar’.

Afterward we went to Safeway to see if candy was on sale yet. It wasn’t, but we bought some anyway.

There was also this monstrosity.

Hey, even bounty hunters gotta shop.

“Come along, degenerate future self. I’ve got cannndy…” *shakes bag*

It is extremely hard to leash train Masters.

At this point Mario realized the Old Ironsides wristbands were from May 23rd.

Ken-gado breaks out the candy.

Some old Halloween stuff we had round the house.

MASTER OF RATS. Look how Bruce and Harvey have grown, by the way. I think the last picture I posted of them they were still wee babies. I’ll have to rectify that.