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John Simm

Here’s my favorite photo of my favorite actor, John Simm, redone in pencil. I’m trying to get used to drawing in backgrounds, instead of just leaving portraits on a backdrop of white. It’s more difficult than I thought!

Also, I wish I could get my pictures darker. I’m using a 7B and it still looks too light to me. I’m considering moving to charcoal and/or pastels. Any fellow artists out there with other suggestions?


The Master… Restrained (part Deux)

Got a new scanner and thought I’d see what the difference was on my sketches. Here’s the Master-in-a-straitjacket one again. Definitely looks more like what went into the scanner this time.



This sketch took me WAY longer than I wanted it to. But them’s the breaks when you are drawing the Master. He likes making everything difficult.