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Hello readers,

I’ve moved my portfolio and my blog over to a shiny new host. Please update your bookmarks!


You’re the Master’s cat now.

Instead of an engagement ring I asked for an engagement fobwatch. When it arrived I promptly put it on the cat and took pictures. Don’t even ask.

can we stop? now with sound! new and improved!!! BUY NOW

terrific news; my x3 fanvid set to a nine inch nails song now has sound again. yay for youtube’s workaround agreement with music labels! now i don’t have to hate them! watch here, if you didn’t get a chance:


i’m inordinately proud of it since it took me the longest of anything film-related to complete.

hello again

digitalis, my old sketch/writing/artsy-posting catch-all blog, has moved here and henceforth is known as hieratic.

this blog is meant to be a less formal, more frequently updated companion to my upcoming portfolio site. here you will be seeing the stuff i won’t necessarily post there, and likely will never put up for sale. most of the stuff here will be off-the-cuff drafts of things i’m working on, or pictures of family and friends and events i’ve been lucky enough to experience.