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Halloween 2010- The Master, Boba Fett, Ricky Berger, and rats!

First of all, we were actually somewhat productive on Halloween and released a single called Spooky Rave, which you should check out/download immediately from and which I will link the Official Video to below:

Now that you’ve watched that, on to Halloween photos. After some agonizing Ken and I decided to dress as Delgado!Master and Wasteland!Master, respectively.

Wastey needs to clean his TARDIS, honestly.

Reunion photoshoot gone horribly, horribly wrong…

We had nothing better to do so we went to the Dead Rockstars event at Old Ironsides. Some evil space man tagged along…

Shut up, Master. I like cider, okay? Calories are calories.

There was a Raccoon Mario there! This is the best picture I could get. As Ken said to our Mario, “You’ve been out-geeked!”

At some point during the show, some girls cut in front of me and I was half-wanting to cut back in front of them spitefully. Then it turned out one of them was Ricky Berger, an up-and-coming folkie here in Sac, and I was glad I refrained ;)

She took the stage later for a set with Adrian Bourgeois– easily the best set of the night.

Ricky and her trusty glockenspiel did two solo covers. Mr. Rogers and Bach. I love when people stretch the definition of ‘rockstar’.

Afterward we went to Safeway to see if candy was on sale yet. It wasn’t, but we bought some anyway.

There was also this monstrosity.

Hey, even bounty hunters gotta shop.

“Come along, degenerate future self. I’ve got cannndy…” *shakes bag*

It is extremely hard to leash train Masters.

At this point Mario realized the Old Ironsides wristbands were from May 23rd.

Ken-gado breaks out the candy.

Some old Halloween stuff we had round the house.

MASTER OF RATS. Look how Bruce and Harvey have grown, by the way. I think the last picture I posted of them they were still wee babies. I’ll have to rectify that.


Top 5 Radiohead Songs (from a Facebook question)

As many have mentioned, this can range from incredibly difficult to impossible for many Radiohead fans. Just too many favorites for too many reasons. So I’m just going to stick to 5 Radiohead songs that completely blew me away when I heard them, and try to explain why:

1) Paranoid Android– I think this is the first Radiohead song I actually sat up and took notice of. I love everything about OK Computer: its experimental vibe, its refusal to stick to one sound or another, and its extreme emotionality. Like the Beatles’ “Baby You’re a Rich Man” or “Happiness is a Warm Gun”, I would not be surprised if this song were a compilation of many half-finished tunes. What’s truly amazing is how seamlessly they interconnect, how effortlessly the song changes from driving melancholy to bitter satire to out-of-control megalomania, and then scoots back down to a chill numbness. It’s like listening to someone having a nervous breakdown, and short of stuff from Pink Floyd’s The Wall you just don’t hear this very much in pop/alt music.

2) Street Spirit (Fade Out)– Interestingly enough, Thom Yorke wrote this song but it’s so powerful and so sad even he denies credit for it. It encompasses the evils inherent in the world and our helplessness to stop it– as he put it, the devil wins in the end no matter what. The song, and his views on it, move me not just because of the subject matter, but because this is what art is for people like us. We see these horrible things that nobody else wants to look at, and we record them. The need to do so is somehow beautiful all on its own.

3) Idioteque– The nearly subliminal beat skipping and popping along like heavy rain; the synth organ, deep enough to creep into your bones and resonate along your nerves; Thom’s unearthly, panicked babbling, carrying an extreme sense of urgency and desperation. It’s a weird sort of contradiction, this song– a balance between everything will be all right/we’re all going to hell. Nobody really knows what the impact of human progress and consumption will be, what will happen when our time is up, or how much longer we even have, and the uncertainty is made more chilling with the near-certainty that whatever it is, whenever it is, it’s gonna be bad. We all know it, but we don’t all want to acknowledge it.

4) 15 Step– When In Rainbows came out after a long hiatus, nobody knew whether Radiohead were still going to be any good– not even the band itself. 15 Step is the perfect reassurance that Radiohead will always surprise and delight. Everything fits together expertly: the crunchy beat, Thom’s effortless ability to sing “around” it (as one of his bandmates puts it), and the expert guitar work that strings it all together in an exquisite chain. And the lyrics, my god. “You used to be all right– what happened? Etc, etc” as if he can’t even be arsed to articulate the rest. It’s really a song of frustration, but it’s so damn beautiful it never fails to make me happy.

5) A Wolf at the Door– I heard about the ‘flan in the face’ incident this song references before I heard the song, so understandably I loved this at first listen. This song is full of imagery that is coarse and raw and, at times, extremely aggressive, but the guitar’s simplistic tones sound strangely numb, like cotton stuck in the ears or the way a bad cold plugs you up. The beat and the lyrics skip along in this sort of singsong stream-of-consciousness way– perhaps more of Thom’s “etc,etc” vibe that implies we’ve all heard this a million times in our lives. In a way we’re all keeping the wolf from our door, trying to survive even though the world is often upside down and backwards and chews us up and spits us out.

Dar Williams @ The Palms, Winters, CA (2007)

Before we went off on our epic Pacific Northwest Tour we kicked it off by seeing Dar effing Williams at an incredibly small venue in Winters. It was really something special. Even if my camera at the time couldn’t quite handle concert photography.

This was the concert, by the way, where I shouted “pizza umbrella top hat” during song request time. Because people were shouting for some songs I don’t think she… ever did. So I just took the absurdity to the next level. Also, I had no ideas since she’d already played my favorite at the time (“You Rise and Meet the Day”) and it was brilliant. Even if she flubbed the lyrics I loved the most :/

Here’s how happy I am to see Dar.


Muse 2010- Oakland Oracle Arena, CA

OMG guys. So I saw Muse a month ago and took about 500 pictures. Roughly 160 of those were decent enough to share. Now, the majority of these are Matt Bellamy’s ass, because we had seats behind the stage and Muse did that whole 360-degree stage thingy they’re doing for this ‘Resistance’ tour. But honestly, I think I got some pretty good ones.

With a few exceptions, the best of the batch I put on Flickr, located here. The ones I’m posting here I also think are great, particularly in other ways… but for the really awesome ones you should really check out the Flickr set.

New Band: Never Right Now

So Ken and I started a band a while ago, finally came up with a name, and finally have a song put up (more on the way). You can listen to it at one of these three fine places:

MySpace (where we’ll post shows as soon as we figure out how to get them)

bandcamp (much higher quality file, and also a free download of the song)

Facebook (so you can be our fan)

We’re super-excited about this project! How excited? Well.

can we stop? now with sound! new and improved!!! BUY NOW

terrific news; my x3 fanvid set to a nine inch nails song now has sound again. yay for youtube’s workaround agreement with music labels! now i don’t have to hate them! watch here, if you didn’t get a chance:


i’m inordinately proud of it since it took me the longest of anything film-related to complete.